New Battlefield 4 community challenge revealed

The third, and perhaps final Battlefield 4 community challenge has been revealed today. In order to win a gold Battlepack, Battlefield 4 players have to collectively capture 100 million objectives.

Players will have 5 days to accomplish the challenge, which runs from today until February 26th. All players on all platforms are part of the community challenge.

Battlefield 4 players will have to capture objectives, such as capturing a flag/control point. Note that the actual Capture The Flag game mode is not part of this mission.

The first Battlefield 4 community mission had players collect 10 million dog tags, which was completed successfully. The second mission didn’t go so well, where players failed to destroy 50 million vehicles. We’ll see how the third one goes.

As usual, the prize for completing the mission is a gold Battlepack. Depending on your luck, it could contain something useful or not.

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