Battlefield 4 Naval Strike release date set for March 18?

EA just released Second Assault, the latest Battlefield 4 DLC. And according to its Origin digital store, the next DLC, Naval Strike, will be out in less than a month. Earlier this month, DICE revealed the first Naval Strike details.

What appears to be a screenshot of the Danish Origin store, the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike release date is listed for March 18th — this is likely the date Premium members get the DLC. This would mean there would be about a month between the DLC packs, which would be unusual when it comes to the Battlefield franchise — usually there’s at least a couple of months between major expansions.

It would also be rather odd for EA to have the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike release date set right in the middle of the Titanfall launch frenzy.

The Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC includes the brand new Carrier Assault game mode, which is a re-imagining of the popular Titan mode from BF2142. Naval Assault also includes four new maps: Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, Operation Mortar.

In addition to the new game mode and maps, Naval Strike will also include a new vehicle, the amphibious hovercraft, 5 new weapons, and 2 new gadgets: the 3GL grenade launcher for the Assault class, and the Anti-helicopter mine for the Engineer class.

New Battlefield 4 community challenge revealed

The third, and perhaps final Battlefield 4 community challenge has been revealed today. In order to win a gold Battlepack, Battlefield 4 players have to collectively capture 100 million objectives.

Players will have 5 days to accomplish the challenge, which runs from today until February 26th. All players on all platforms are part of the community challenge.

Battlefield 4 players will have to capture objectives, such as capturing a flag/control point. Note that the actual Capture The Flag game mode is not part of this mission.

The first Battlefield 4 community mission had players collect 10 million dog tags, which was completed successfully. The second mission didn’t go so well, where players failed to destroy 50 million vehicles. We’ll see how the third one goes.

As usual, the prize for completing the mission is a gold Battlepack. Depending on your luck, it could contain something useful or not.

New TS3 Server

Due to problems with Multiplay we’ve switched our TS3 server to a new provider. As a result the IP has changed. 

It is now –

Any problems contact Paddy! That means you Riz!

Battlefield 4 Second Assault maps vs BF3 counterparts

The recently released Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion pack includes four maps remade from BF3. DICE has added some cosmetic changes to the maps, adding some Levolution moments as well. The gameplay and map design and feel remains largely the same, while the visuals have changed.

For example, Caspian Border is now set during the Fall instead of during the Spring.Operation Metro has additional paths and chokepoints, Gulf of Oman has a desert storm rolling in, and Operation Firestorm is filled with burning oil pipelines. Check out a nice screenshot comparison between the new Battlefield 4 maps and the old BF3 ones.







Battlefield 4 patch coming tomorrow, fixes crashes and netcode

DICE has just announced that a Battlefield 4 PC patch will be released tomorrow that brings fixes to the most serious issues. According tot he patch notes (posted on the official forums), the patch will fix three main issues with the game: the crashes and freezes, the netcode (which they call “network sync bug”), and finally, the patch will improve network smoothing as well.

All in all, it seems that this is the Battlefield 4 patch we’ve been waiting for. The patch will fix “a large portion of the most commonly occurring game crashes”, in addition to improvement in overall stability. As for the netcode, DICE calls this “network sync bug”, which they also claim will be fixed in the new patch. You can find some video examples of the bad netcode here (in its current state).

In addition to the three main issues, the PC patch also brings some additional fixes and tweaks which will be revealed when the patch goes live on November 14 (tomorrow). The same patch is likely in certification now at Sony and Microsoft, and should be released on consoles soon.


We are happy to report that the PC Battlefield 4 game update will go live tomorrow, November 14. The main focus of this update is threefold:

1) Reduce the number of crashes
We believe this update will solve a large portion of the most commonly occuring game crashes, and the improvement in overall stability should make a big difference for many players.

2) Eliminate a network sync bug
If you’ve been experiencing situations in multiplayer where it appears that you are taking damage from enemies through walls, you might have been the victim of a network sync bug. In this game update, we have identified and eliminated one such bug that caused this type of gameplay experience. We are continuing to work on more multiplayer optimizations concerning network performance.

3) Improve Network Smoothing

We have made some improvements to the ”Network Smoothing” functionality that you can find in the OPTIONS>GAMEPLAY menu. The Network Smoothing slider governs a group of settings that aim to produce a tighter multiplayer experience based on your specific packet loss situation.

If you’ve been experimenting with the Network Smoothing slider earlier, it might now yield better results. If you haven’t tried it before, please explore this setting and set it to the lowest value you can without experiencing graphical glitches in the game. By setting it lower, you can get a tighter multiplayer experience, depending on your specific network situation.

More details upcoming
Besides the above mentioned focus areas, this PC game update contains a number of other fixes and tweaks that we will detail once it’s live.

This game update for PC goes live around 10AM UTC/2AM PST November 14. Your Origin Client should acknowledge and automatically download this update for you, as usual. Otherwise, you can right click your game in the client and select ”Check for Update”. There will be a Battlelog maintenance downtime for about an hour as this update goes live. During this time multiplayer on PC will be unavailable.

We will release full patch notes for this game update later, but the three items mentioned above are by far the most important changes in this update. We understand that stability has been rocky for some players, and hope that this update will make the game run smoother and more stable for you. Let us know in the comments below.

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